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Snarfer is one of the best RSS Reader on themarket, and it's free
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Snarfer is an easy-to-use application which allows you to read, search and manage RSS feeds from any website on the Internet supporting the technology. And best of all, it doesn't cost you a penny. It is not a system resource hog and minutes after installation you will be aware of the usability and flexibility of the RSS Reader.

The interface has a fair design and a well-built structure. In the left hand side, you can observe in a panel the wide assortment of feeds you have chosen during the installation process. There is a wide range of categories to select from, like Business, Website Design, Sports, News, Computer, Technology, and lots more. You can add your own interests in folders in which you can browse for a feed you are familiar with. Or have a look on the publisher's website, there is plenty more in there to choose from in the Additional Feeds section.

With a simple click, the upper right side is filled with news titles which can be displayed in tiles, newspaper style or having details. This can be customized from the program's View menu. In the lower right side, the info is presented in the application's own browser. On request, it can be expanded to full screen or you can view the original website holding the news. As for reading the article links, this can be done in either a new tab, a current window or in an external window of the program's browser.

Having a look at its capabilities, Snarfer has embedded video support for websites such as Google Video or the like. The Keyword Watch feature is a core option as it allows users to filter incoming messages into new or predefined folders. A search toolbar couldn't be left out in case we are in a rush and must find something specific.

Snarfer is one of the best among the RSS Readers on the market. It is flexible, it has a good set of options to suit your needs. You can customize the search and the display. It is easy to install, and it is a system-resources preserver.

Daniel Mantilla
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